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Jump Start


Jump Start is Louisiana’s innovative career and technical education (CTE) program. Jump Start prepares students to lead productive adult lives, capable of continuing their education after high school while earning certifications in high-wage career sectors.

Students are required to attain industry-promulgated, industry-valued credentials in order to graduate with a Career Diploma. (Jump Start is an elective path for students pursuing a university-preparatory diploma.)  

Schools receive the same accountability grade credit for preparing students for careers in high-demand job  sectors as they do for students who achieve top academic honors.


Jump Start Information Brochure


What is Jump Start (Video)?


What is a Jump Start Pathway (Video)?




Jump Start program is a new paradigm for career and technical education (CTE), requiring students to attain an industry--‐promulgated,

industry--‐valued credential in order to graduate high school. 




–Louisiana’s Career Diploma had fallen into disrepair and was seldom used.  Students with the Career Diploma were  not prepared to attain  entry--‐level jobs in high--‐demand industry sectors.  Unfilled jobs in these high--‐ demand industry sectors continue to detract

from Louisiana’s economic growth.




–Louisiana’s Jump Start program, which for the first time aligns Louisiana’ s K--‐12 CTE strategy with the state’ economic development

strategies.  Jump Start regional teams –consisting of school districts, colleges, businesses and workforce / economic development experts –collaborate  to provide career courses and workplace experiences to high school students.  Students have  the opportunity in

high school to earn industry--‐valued, industry--‐promulgated credentials in the career fields most likely to lead to high--‐wage jobs, while preparing them to continue their post--‐secondary education (in 2--‐ and 4--‐  year colleges) and career development. 

Schools receive the same credit in their letter grade for students who earn nationally--‐ recognized certificate in a high--‐demand job sector as they currently do for students who score 3, 4 or 5 on an AP test.  Schools will be rewarded for preparing their students for college and career.  Jump Start courses and training will be offered to all high school students regardless of diploma pathway: as elective credit for students pursuing a TOPS Academic Diploma and required credit for students seeking Jump Start Career Diploma.


 Sample Jump Start Industry--‐Promulgated Credentials 

“Statewide” Industry Credentials

“Regional” Industry Credentials

“Complementary” Credentials

ASE Student Certification (auto service)

AWS Welding

C4M (certification for manufacturing)

Certified Nursing Aide

CompTIA Security+ (Cybersecurity)

EMT Basic

NCCER Electrician

Certified Hospitality & Tourism Management

Professional (American Hospitality & Lodging)

Commercial Drivers License

Customer Service (National Retail Federation)

LA Meat Processors Meat Processing

National Retail Fed. Customer Service

Priority Dispatch (National Academy of Emergency


First Aid / CPR / AED

Microsoft Office Certification

OSHA 10 (Workplace Safety)

“Statewide” credentials are for high--‐demand industry sectors. “regional”credentials" are for regional employers.  “complementary” credentials  have value across industry sectors. Each graduation pathway (see next page) specifies the required culminating industry credential(s).


Jump Start established a four year implementation plan, with complete statewide implementation set for the  2017--‐2018 school

year.  Louisiana is one year ahead of the Jump Start implementation schedule, and seeks to complete its four year Jump Start implementation within two years.


Statewide Graduation Pathways

1) Automobile Service

2) Carpenter

3) Certified Mechanical Drafter

4) Certified Nursing Assistant

5) Collision Repair

6) Cyber Engineering

7) Dental

8) Electrician

9) Emergency Medical Tech

10) Four Stroke Engine Tech 

11) HVAC  Tech

12) Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

13) Internet Web Foundations

14) Mobile Crane Operator

15) Oil & Gas T2 Safety Systems

16) Pipefitter

17) Plumber

18) Prostart / Restaurant

19) Web Design Professional

20) Welder

Integrated Graduation Pathways

21) Agriculture Tech

22) Digital Media and Entertainment Technology

23) Health Sciences Patient Care and Management

24) Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary and Retail

25) Information Technology

26) Manufacturing Specialist

27) Manufacturing, Construction Crafts & Logistics

28) Maritime

29) STEM

30) Technology Specialist

Act  833--‐Eligible Regional Pathways

31) Ag Tech 833--‐Eligible

32) Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary and
Retail 833--‐ Eligible

33) Manufacturing, Construction Crafts and Logistics


34) Workplace Safety 833--‐Eligible

Regional Graduation Pathways

35) Business Management

36) Carpenter’s Helper

37) Commercial Driver

38) Electrician’s Helper

39) Fashion Design

40) Industrial Maintenance Mechanic’s Helper

41) Mason

42) Micro--‐Enterprise

43) Pipefitter’s Helper

44) Public Service

45) Sheet Metal

46) Welder’s Helper

47) Workplace Safety

Available Graduation Pathways (LaSalle Parish)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
    • Word, Power Point, Excel, Access
  • Work Place Safety (OSHA)
  • Micro Enterprise
  • T 2 Safety
  • Customer Sales and Service (NRF)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • IC3
  • Oil and Gas Production


Each of these pathways as well as fact sheets providing comprehensive information on each industry credential are available for

download on the Louisiana Department of Education’s All Things Jump Start web portal.