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Faculty Values


To achieve our vision, faculty and staff must consistently work together. Identifying faculty values has helped us focus on what is important to move effectively toward accomplishing our vision. We all truly believe and model our faculty values to achieve success for our students and our school. Based upon what we value as a faculty, these are our guiding principles:


  • We, the Jena High School faculty, will consistently hold high expectations and expect quality work from ourselves and from our students.


  • We, the Jena High School faculty, will, each day, make full use of instructional time.


  • We, the Jena High School faculty, will prepare our students to be successful and competent citizens. We will do this by consistently enforcing school discipline policies, holding ourselves and our students responsible for deadlines, and modeling trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.


  • We, the Jena High School faculty, will keep the lines of communication open with all stakeholders, especially encouraging parents and family to be positively involved in their children's education.


  • We, the Jena High School faculty, will expect professionalism in both ourselves and our students. This professionalism will be modeled through dress, attendance, and mutual respect for each other.


  • We, the Jena High School faculty, will make learning challenging and relevant, using a variety of instructional strategies and acknowledging that each student is unique in how he/she learns.


Consistently living according to these values, the faculty of Jena High School will provide a community of teaching and learning in which all students will continuously improve to become responsible, contributing members of society.