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Clubs & Organizations


Designated Clubs meet on Thursday from 7:45 A.M. to 8:05 A.M. of each week.

4 - H Extention Agent 2nd Week
ANCHOR Ms. Clark, Mrs, Ranton, Mrs. Fowler 1st Week
F C A Dr. Willis 1st Week
B E T A Mr. Doughty, Mrs. Cole 3rd Week
Cheerleaders Mrs. Powell  
Danceline Mrs. Wilson  
Chess Club Dr. Willis 4th Week
Yearbook Mrs. Warwick, Mrs. Ranton  
Faculty Fund Mrs. Bacle, Ms. Clark, Mrs. Ranton  
F B L A Mrs. Twiner, Mrs. Sharp 2nd Week
F F A Mr. Jones  
National Honor Society Mrs. Trisler 4th Week
Student Council Mrs. Glenn, Mrs. Trisler 3rd Week
JAG Career Assoc. Mr. Carr, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Brown 4th Week
V I C A Mr. Meyers  
Y A C A Mrs. Wilson 3rd Week
Key Club No longer Exists 4th Week
Faculty Historian Mrs. Ranton, Mrs. Glenn  
Elections Mrs. Trisler, Mrs. Hailey, Mrs. Roark, Mr. Powell  
Homecoming Committee Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. Ranton, Ms. Clark, Ms, Smith, Mr, Hodges, Mrs. Warwick
Mr. Dorton, Mrs. Glenn, Mr. Doughty, Mr. Ford
Prom Mrs. Warwick and Mrs. Lindsey- Chairpersons
Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cole
Junior Ring Ceremony Chairperson-
All 11th Grade Homeroom Teachers
Leadership Team Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Clark, Mr. Powell  
Literary Rally Mrs. Cole  
Graduation Committee Chairperson-
All 12th Grade Homeroom Teachers
504 / SBLC Chairperson Mrs. Peters  
Drama Mr. Doughty 1st Week