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Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who are most at-risk.  In more than three decades of operation, JAG has delivered consistent, compelling results – helping nearly three-quarters of a million young people stay in school through graduation, pursue postsecondary education and secure quality entry-level jobs leading to career advancement opportunities.


The JAG National Network will make a measurable difference in the outcomes of public education and workforce development systems at the national, state and local level.  We will strive to increase opportunity and reduce poverty and unemployment by fostering A Nation Without Dropouts.

JAG believes that…....

…JAG students and graduates are capable of extraordinary accomplishments once they realize the future relevance of what they are learning and will exceed expectations when challenged and stimulated. 

…JAG graduates can and will change the world!

…JAG is needed more than ever!


JAG is committed to.......

...helping resolve our country's dropout and transition problems by expanding state organizations and local programs that help young people greatest at risk overcome barriers to graduation from high school and become college and career ready!

...equipping JAG Specialists with proven programs and unique services for middle school, high school and out-of-school youth to stay in school through graduation from high school, pursue a collegiate education and/or enter and advance in their chosen career field!

...developing future leaders for families, employers, communities, states and the nation!

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Mr. Ron Carr - JAG Specialist
Mrs. Norma Brown
Mr. Anthony Jackson


JAG meets periodically as announced.