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Progress Reports / Report Cards

The Importance of School Progress and Report Cards

A school progress is not the same thing as a report card, which is the final representation of the student's grade for a class. However, school progress cards serve an important role in allowing teachers, students and parents to track how well the student does throughout the year. In turn, this gives students a chance to correct study habits, modify their behaviors and make other changes to keep themselves on a positive academic course.

Parent Involvement 

Parent involvement in education is important for teaching kids the value of school and why it is important that they do well at it. Educators can keep parents involved in their children's academic lives by sending home school progress cards for the parents to review and sign. By creating and sending home progress cards, teachers show parents where their kids stand with their academic achievements and in-class behaviors. Parents may appreciate this information so that they can reward their children for doing well or make changes to the at-home schedule by implementing more study time to help kids get back on track academically.

Student Awareness 

School progress cards give students an academic advantage. The students get to see how well they are doing and what the teacher's perceptions of them are in class. This helps eliminate some of the shock that comes when they get their end of the quarter or year report cards. With school progress cards, students have the chance to identify their improvement needs and make changes to bring their grades up before the final report cards are released.

Teacher Tracking

Teachers can track how well their students are doing in class and learning the material through school progress cards. By maintaining progress reports, teachers are forced to review student strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. In doing so, educators can spot trends to address academically. For instance, a particular trend may suggest that the majority of students in the classroom are not doing well in math. The teacher can then determine whether the lesson needs to be readdressed with the class. Since teachers have classroom standards to reach, school progress cards can help them see whether the class is meeting those academic expectations.

Communication Link 

A school progress card serves as a communication link between teachers, students and parents. Through school progress cards, everyone involved has the same information and understanding of the student's progress in school. This helps keep information consistent between all parties and opens the door for communication between teachers and students, students and parents and teachers and parents to the benefit of the student's education.


School Progress Reports are sent home at the end of the 3rd week in the grading period.  Report Cards are sent home at the conclusion of a grading period.  All grades can be accessed via the Parent Command Center (CLICK HERE).  Grades on the Parent Command Center are undated in real time.  Grades on the Parent Command Center are not considered official grades.  The actual paper progress report and report card are considered the official grades.